Welcome to my new website

Hi guys, and welcome to my official website. Its something I'm really excited about and looking forward to letting you guys know a little bit more about me and my interests.

As this is my first post, there is obviously quite a lot to talk about. Firstly the start to the season, which after 9 games has finally seen us hit our stride winning 3 on the bounce and pushed away from the bottom, which we knew we could and would. I'm in a great position personally, the manager has shown his belief in me and allowed me, as a young keeper, to test myself against the best in the premier league; something I'm relishing and which has allowed me to get back in the England squad.

Which brings me onto the International breaks so far. It's been brilliant to meet up with England again, and getting to train with some of the best players in the Premier League and get to travel all over the world, but its always been a dream of mine to play for my country and get that number one shirt, something I managed to do last week. I understand I've got work to do to make it mine in the long run, but was given the opportunity by the manager to play against Lithuania in the final group game and get my second cap, but first competitive start for England. Thoroughly enjoyed the game, despite it being freezing out there and having little to do, but I was in my element and loved every minute. Its only given me a taste for more now.

But enough about Football for now. For all of my childhood I was surrounded by sport and competitiveness, my parents being into sport themselves, I actually found myself falling for a different sport, rugby. My dad and both my granddads were big fans and players of Rugby, but that didn't come out of me until secondary school where I got the bug for it. So you can imagine that I've paid great attention to the Rugby World Cup thats been happening these last few months. However with our busy schedule, I've missed a lot of it, but managed to get myself to one of the best games so far, the final group game between Australia and Wales at Twickenham with one of my best mates. Although it ended up having no positive effect on Englands world cup campaign, still thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, the quality of the performances and the manner it was played.

Anyway, going forward I'll let you know some of the things I've been up to, what has been on my mind and just about anything else I feel. I'll also get some competitions and Q&A's going soon for you all to get involved in.